Sawdust Dreams

I hereby quit writing. I quit mediating. I quit Marco’s company. I am going to quit all the things that don’t equal me sawing chunks of wood in half because SAWING THINGS IN HALF IS MY NEW PASSION IN LIFE. Have you ever held a saw? MOTHEROFALLTHETHINGS. I spent an hour in Lowe’s the other day drooling over Dremel blades. I still can’t regulate my heartbeat. And I know that Kurt, the lumber guy, won’t ask if I need help anymore because I’ve proven myself strong and competent in the carrying of 2x4x10′s. And I know that I much prefer Lowe’s to Home Depot because they carry pre-sanded 1x4x10′s and have their tool department set up a thousand times better.

I am in love with my saw. And the drill. And the screws. And the corner brackets. And the Liquid Nails. These are my life now, and it’s intoxicating. I shall be a carpenter forevermore because there is something outrageously satisfying about building solid stuff with your hands. Amen.

(c) Christi Madrid

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